Are Biodegradable Products Really That Expensive?


That old-age mantra that you kept mumbling to every suppliers you meet "Everything is cost, cost, cost, cost, cost.." while they try to maintain a straight poker-face trying to pretend like that's their first time hearing it. That is, until you meet us..

"Biodegradable packaging? Must be really expensive!"

This is one of the most common misconception people have on eco-friendly products that we encounter most often when we are meeting new prospects. And let us tell you this, it's not true. In fact, it's quite the opposite when it comes to Team Recycler Malaysia because we want people and FNB businesses from every levels to be able to afford biodegradable and eco-friendly food packaging products.

We are able to keep our costs to a minimum by bringing in our food packaging in bulk and handling our storage and distribution ourselves thus ensuring our selling price remain competitive - sometimes out-pricing plastics, paper or similar products even. GASP! 

In an apple to apple comparison, based on the market price and feedbacks we gotten from our customers:

Case 1

Team Recycler Malaysia - 5mm PLA straws - RRP MYR 0.047/pcs 
Competitors - 5mm Paper straws - RRP MYR 0.08/pcs 1.7x higher
Competitors - 5mm PLA straws - RRM MYR 0.13/pcs 2.7x higher

Case 2

Team Recycler Malaysia - 750ml clamshell lunchbox RRP MYR 0.38/pcs
Competitors - 750ml PP Containers RRP MYR 0.40 1.05x higher

Case 3

Team Recycler Malaysia - 3 Compartment Sugarcane Lunchbox RRP MYR 1.18/pcs
Competitors - 3 Compartment PP Lunchbox RRP MYR 1.50/pcs 1.27x higher

Let us know if you agree or disagree with above examples?

Let's not forget about the values we bring to our customers as well. Pricing consideration aside, think about the company's branding, image portrayal, social responsbility and marketing messages that we can help you bring out to the consumers. Eco-friendly products and practices are afterall the trend nowadays, and will resonate well with modern health conscious consumers. 

Two questions you ought to ask yourself after reading this..

Are biodegradable products really that expensive?

Are you ready to hop onboard the green train now?

Remember, your choices today will affect your future tomorrow.