Message from the Founder

Hello, I am Weng Kien, the founder of Team Recycler Malaysia and this is the story of how our company came about. Together with my two co-founders; Choon Yee and Cheng Chuan, both with engineering background (while I am in sales and logistics), we set out to explore business ideas that would positively impact and help the society. 

2019 was an eventful year for us, and we meant really eventful. From exploring opportunities in coconut shells charcoal, to planting coconuts and/or avocado in Malaysia, to providing on-site composting services for supermarkets and central kitchens, edible coatings for fresh produce and finally decided to go ahead for biodegradable & compostable packaging options.

To many, the things we were doing didn't make a lot of sense to them. Heck, at times we did not had quite a grasp on what we were doing either. But in truth, what we did have one common theme, even if it wasn't obvious, even to us then - Green concepts, food sustainability and environmental betterment for all. We have always been fascinated by the concept of circular economy, waste to wealth and innovative biodegradable solutions (less plastics) to lessen the impact of environmental pollution. 

Based in Klang Valley, Team Recycler Malaysia are a social start-up that aim to provide premium grade and quality biodegradable & compostable packaging options to help food & beverage merchants to phase out consumption of single-use plastics that had polluted our environment. We setup our online store on 6th January 2020 (bangga!) and got ourselves a custom domain name with the aim to provide merchants and consumers a better access to biodegradable and compostable packaging.

Help us by helping you switch to biodegradable packaging options and if your establishment have excess food surplus, hit us up for an appointment too. We will be glad to explore various ways to help you deal with this in an environmentally friendly way. Promise, we won't bite (hard).

When people ask me what are we doing nowadays, I can proudly tell them "We are in the business of doing good!".