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Sugarcane Pulp Lunchbox with Clear PET Lid - 1000ml, 1 Compartment (300pcs)

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Product Code: CR1000

Dimension: 228 x 165 x 65 mm (1 Compartment)

Made from natural sugarcane pulp (bagasse) and meticulously pressed into shape using our high tech machine, our bagasse-series are one of the premium packaging we have on hand. 

Thick and sturdy for added protection, with smooth (inner) and textured (outer) surface for easy handling of takeaway food and added hinge for easy stackability. 

Comes with clear lid; perfect to showcase and enhance food presentation to customers, and ideal for:

  • Bento
  • Rice/noodle with Separate Dishes
  • American Breakfast
  • Nasi Briyani with Sides
  • Nasi Lemak/Kerabu/Bojari